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Digimon Fusion Fanon is a site all about the story of digimon Fusion and this wiki updates from the dub version of Digi-mon(Xros Wars) I will try to update the wiki  ASAP

Fusion Fighters(Humans)Edit


Mikey Kudo is a courageous Young Boy who has the red Fusion-loader and is the General of the Red-Team Fusion Fighters


Angie is Mikeys childhood friend and has known forever is very sensible and is average girl


A boy who has known Mikey for a short time know and considered him his rival and he loves Kendo and video games


The Legendary Fusion Loader

Digimon FusionEdit

The story is about Mikey Kudo is an average kid who enjoys teamwork.Then he meets an injured digimon named shoutman,and asking for help.Mikey being a nice pearson MIkey is fastto say yes and he then is transported to the digital-world along with his freinds Angie his childhood freind and Jeremy a boy who thinks of Mikey as his rival.When he is transported Mikey recieves a legendary device known as the Fusion-Loader with it he is able to fuse digi-mon.With his new freinds and Fusion loader he is prepared to fight and stop the Bagra Army the evil force that is trying to rule the Digital world there are others humans with the same goal

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Team Black Midnight

Team Red Fusion Fighthers

Team Red Fusion Fighters(Fusions)

Bagra Army


Forest Zone

Island Zone

Fusion Fighters(Digi-mon)Edit


The First Digimon Mikey befreind. Shoutmon is a small digimon,and is on more of the side action than thinking.


Ballistamon is a large Digi-mon that is one of shoutmons freinds and so along with a few other digimon he automatically became Friends with Mikey


Starmon+Pickmon are friends of shoutmons and like balistamon automatically became part of the team they are a big fusion part of the weapons for other fusion digimon


Dorulumon is a lone wolf and a former henchmen of the bagra army but he is know a member of the Fusion fighters and a big part of the main fusions


Cutemon is a little rabbit that lost her parents, and has been traveling with dorulumon who has agreed to find her parents


Jijimon is a sage like-figure for the village of light


Chibitortomon is a small turtle digimon and is fast in water a big part for fusion,while fighting underwater


Dondokomon is a cheerful digimon and a member of the fusion fighters


Knightmon is a digimon full of pride for protecting the kingdom and he is a minor fusion digimon


Chessmon are little soldiers that follow the command of knightmon


Beastmon is the ruler of the lake Zone and has a tendency to nap alot and likes both Mikey and Christopher and she see them as her champions


Deputymon is a treasue hunter and is the first digimon that the fusion fighters meet in the sand zone


Reapon was reborn as beezelmon and is still apart of the Fusion fighters and can digi fuse on his own with pickmon to make another cannon on his arm and can travel to zones on his own

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