• Jager Dorulumo(evolved form)
  • Dorulu cannon(Shoutmon+Dorulumon)
  • Dorulumon while serving (Bagra Army soon quite afterwrds)
  • Xros Dorulumon (Dorulumon+Pawn Chessmon)
  • Altur Ballistamon is the evolved version of Ballistamon
  • Ballistamons original form Darkvolmon during fight between shoutmon learned to be good and now is Ballistamon
  • BalliPersiamon(Ballistamon+Beastmon)
  • XrosUpBallistamon(Ballistamon+Deputymon)
  • Star sword
  • Chibick sword(Jeremy's sword formed without shoutmon)
  • Star Axe(formed with many pink picmons)
  • Star Slingshot(Formed by all the pink picmons)
  • Shoutmon X2
  • Shoutmon X2m
  • Shoutmon X3
  • Shoutmon X4
  • Shoutmon X4K
  • Shoutmon X4B
  • Shoutmon X4S
  • Shoutmon 5
  • Shoutmon X5B

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