Bagra Army and 3 generals(+ subjects)Edit


The symbol for the evil bagra army the evil people of digimon fusion


Lord Bagra the leader of the bagra army

These are the evil forces of the Bagra Army it includes the 3 generals and their underlings who are in chagre of finding the code crown for each zone.

Tactimon is one of the bagra army generals rumored to be the strongest of the three.


Laylamon is another genreal and she is a cunning and sneaky digimon and will stop at nothing to acheive her goals


Beastmon is the last of the generals is obsessed with gems and thats all he cares about and that is his diet and dosent care about something if it messes up his shine.

  • MadLeomon
  • MadLeomon(Armed Form)
  • MadLeomon(Orochi mode)
  • MadLeomon(Final mode)
  • Neptunemon
  • AceintVolcanomon
  • IceDevimon
  • SkullScorpionmon

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